Sunday, January 22, 2012

Welcome to Daddy is Talking

I want to thank you for coming here. I just want to say that my children and my family come first and foremost in my life. Being a Dad has been the greatest and there was a time when I thought that I would not have kids, not due to a medical issue or not wanting them; because I did. I thought it wouldn't happen because I was in an unhappy marriage with someone who never wanted them, and I did, badly.
I was ready to resign myself to not having them even though it pained me. I stayed unhappy, thinking nothing would ever change, and it would not change unless I made the change. So I did, I gathered as much courage as I ever have in my life and filed for divorce. This was not easy by any means, but I knew it had to be done.
Now what to do? Divorce is final, I am in my early/mid 30's it may still be too late. Well, by chance or perhaps fate, I met the most amazing woman in Karen. Do you know the feeling where there is a piece of you missing and you just can not seem to fill the void? I had that until she came along. When I met her I knew this would be the woman I would start a family with, that piece of me that was missing came into place whenever I was around her.
Fast forward to two years later and our daughter Kylie is born. This was the happiest day of my life, next to meeting Karen. That day changed me, I was a father at 36. Did I know how to be one? What do I do? I was scared and excited all in the same moment, but most of all I was proud.
Kylie came along and a few months into her life we realize that something is wrong with her, this amazing miracle in my life. Something was wrong with her eyes. A trip to the Columbus Children's Hospital and an MRI confirmed that she has Optic Nerve Hypoplasia and Nastagmus. This beautiful child, my first and Karen's had to have this happen to her. She had to have eye surgery at 11 months old in order to try and strengthen and straighten her eyes. You parents out there can understand how scary it is to have a child put under, especially one so young. She pulled through just fine. Next came the patching to strengthen her left eye. We did not know if this would help her see or if it would work, but we were willing to try what we had to do for her. Thankfully, it is working. Kylie is 16 months old now and we found out her eyes have changed and she now has a script and is in the process of getting glasses.
Fourteen months after Kylie was born we welcomed a second blessing, our son Karter into the world.
I was a dad again at 38 years old and I can not be happier. So far, he is as perfect and happy as Kylie.
Currently, I am taking time off from work to take care of Karter since Karen had to go back to work.
I am truly a blessed and lucky person to be a father to a beautiful daughter and a handsome son, and to be with someone as amazing as Karen.

Thank you.