Monday, January 23, 2012

Bottles; which are best for baby?

Dr. Browns Bottle with insert.
I thought I would pass along what works for me and feeding my baby while his mother is at work and I need to use stored breast milk for feeding my little one.
There are so many out there for your baby, which is the best choice?
We have tried many, but none equal the Dr. Browns Bottles in my opinion. First off, the design of the bottle insert (see the photo I took to the left, or look at the website in the link) is what really sets it apart from other bottles out there. What it does is vent air out of the milk and slowly feed it into the nipple; which is said to be more like breast feeding for your child but there are many out there that claim that title. I would however, be inclined to believe them after using it for more than a year. The claim is that this design also helps with colic and gas issues from feeding. We have noticed that it does indeed help with these issues and on top of that it seems to  help with spitting up as well.
Cleanup is also easy. You just take the insert and vent out of the bottle. Both can be cleaned with a bottle brush and the included vent brush. Use a drying rack and you are good to go for the next feeding.
I hope this was helpful to you and I want to know, do you use this bottle? Have you ever tried it, did you like it? What Bottle do you use?

Speaking of bottles, my guy is hungry so I need to get his ready.


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