Thursday, February 23, 2012

We have a Parrot, or Kylie is talking.

When Kylie was born 18 months ago I couldn't help but wonder what she would be like when she got older, what would her personality be, how would she sound when she started talking, what would she say.
Well, since she has started talking, I am not too curious about what she sounds like (although I can not wait to hear her when she is older) and what she will say, rather what she will say that other people say.

Yes, we now have a parrot in the house. Not the feathery kind that makes messes and poops a lot, no we have the kind that does not have feathers. Our little parrot listens when we do not know she is actually listening. That is, until we hear a tiny voice from another room repeating what was just said.
Karen and I work with her everyday on her words and we started with sign language which is highly recommended and does help your child communicate until they can vocalize what they need. Kylie still uses her signs with her words to express what she wants. For instance, she pats her head and says "bath" and we know what she wants. Of course she also will point at the nose suction and say "booger" and we also know what she wants.

One day there was this horrible show on TV (we were not watching, it was just on in the background) called Two Broke Girls and we were in the kitchen with Kylie cleaning up after dinner. Anyway, from the TV comes "Tampon, Tampon, Tampon". Suddenly, from Kylie comes "Ampon, Ampon, Ampon". We tried not to laugh but we just could not help it because it was unexpected and very funny. It was at this point we realized she was paying attention  even if we did not know she was.

So now we had to start watching what we say around her and what we watch around her because I do not want her walking around saying Tampon all day. It is not just Dad and Mom that now need to watch what they say but Grandma and Aunts too. We found that out while visiting Karen's Aunt. Her Aunt said "That damn dog" and out comes "That damn dog" in a cute little voice from the cute little girl playing on the floor.
Now to work on Grandma saying shit around her and paying attention to what we have on the television and radio when she is around.

Two days ago I'm Sexy and I know it was on the radio when we were driving and from the back seat we hear "Sexy". That was pretty funny too, but we laughed quietly.
Kylie is our little parrot and really, Mommy's parrot because recently she has been saying whatever she picks out that Karen says. It is very amazing really when you think about it, the curiosity and attention of this little person around us.
We take advantage of our language but seeing Kylie learning it daily and even hourly makes me realize what a miracle it is.

Now I am wondering about Karter, but he is only four months old so more on that when he starts.
Well, I hear her saying "Dada dada, uh-oh" in her baby monitor which means her nap is over and so is this post.


  1. Enjoy them while they are small. The problems grow with them.

    1. I know, it is just amazing though to see this unfold and how incredible they are.