Friday, April 27, 2012

Kylie, Karter and Cleaning

I had a few things on my agenda today, mow the lawn, go to work, clean the house. I mowed the lawn this morning before work so I feel good about that. Karen is at work and I have been home since 2:30pm. All I really wanted to do was get the house clean and play with my kids.
Well, I have the playing with my kids down pact tonight but the cleaning part, not so much. I am finding it really hard to clean today when I have a monkey named Kylie climbing all over everything while I am trying to do dishes.  The girl scares me but I can not help but laugh when she gets on something and starts saying no hands, something Karen taught her.
Karter and Kylie were also hungry at the same time so I gave Kylie some food and got Karter his cereal and bottle. OK, fed the kids so now I can clean right? Nope, Monkey girl is at it again. So I give up on cleaning tonight and write this quickly while Kylie digs in her toybox.
Now she decided to come snuggle with me so this is a good night.

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