Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pre-Chewed Foods

I was watching GMA today and happened to see this story.
The internet and news shows are all abuzz about actress Alicia Silverstone and a video she recently posted to her blog : The Kind Life. What she did was post about what she had for breakfast and showed a video of her pre-chewing the food and feeding it to her son Bear from her mouth like a bird.
What had me shaking my head was this comment:
"He literally crawls across the room to attack my mouth if I’m eating"

Now, I realize that this used to be a common practice before the invention of something called a blender, but why do it now?
Personally, I do not care if you do this and it is not something I would do but there are also health risks associated with doing this. For instance, the mouth is dirty and feeding your child this way could possibly spread HIV, Strep, and other viruses to your child and what parent would want to even risk doing that, not me. Admittedly though, I will take a bite off of something like an Archer Farms Fruit strip and hand it to Kylie to eat, but I will never chew her food for her and feed her from my mouth.
Daddy loves you Kylie and Karter but learn to chew on your own, its good for your development.

Speaking of chewing, Karter started on cereal and he is really getting the hang of the whole eating thing. If he is really hungry he gets so worked up that he will not eat from the spoon, he needs a bottle first and then his cereal but is doing well other wise.

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  1. This makes me think of that Saturday Night Live skit where the guy was born without saliva glands, and his parents had to chew his food for him. He was grown and had brought a girl home to meet his parents or something like that.